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  1. My issue has been solved !
  2. Where do all the happiest snowboarders live?

    My issue has been solved !
  3. If I needed to wager i might say i am possibly intermediate. I journey about 5-10 days a yr in Colorado or the icy southeast US. Been riding for approximately 15 years. i'm by no means within the park, but like to play a chunk at the runs. My preferred days are spent in blue bowls, I enjoy locating some powder while i will however that can be hit or omit because of mother nature and my work schedule, but i'm additionally spending a respectable quantity of time carving around on groomers. i like a terrific project and usually sense assured on nearly any terrain. I experience a few accurate blacks as well however turn away from matters that experience like stable ice. i have caught an side too regularly and at 33 I do not get better as rapid as I as soon as did whilst taking a spill. while within the southeast (assume: North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virgina) I come upon a variety of strong ice, chew, and slush. looking for some thing that has enough go with the flow in powder, but also precise manage, and forgiving when on a number of the less than perfect conditions within the Southeast. I do not always have a emblem choice. i've been eyeing the Burton experience exact Flying V, however boards have modified lots because the closing time i was in the marketplace so i'm now not too certain if it honestly suits my wishes or if there's some thing higher out there. As a long way a boots move, i've wide feet and a completely slender heel and a reasonably high arch. i've gone thru two boots and both have induced toe ache and i nonetheless emerge as having heel slip. i would welcome any guidelines here as i've been pretty awful at selecting them this some distance. currently trip a 2007 Nitro Black Widow Raiden bindings 2006/2007? Burton Emerald boots 2006
  4. I’ll try to explain myself to the high-quality of my capacity .... so here i am (26f ) from upstate big apple...I’m not the brightest...no set profession, no family holding me back. i am in a location that is clearly significant to many mountains 1-4 hours I may be at any of them over right here .... even though I’ve in no way been out west I understand i might fall in love...so I bet what I’m seeking to ask is wherein outdoor of the east coast is a exquisite location to land..... I’m figuring if I want out, I wanna do it within three years ...winters one of the few things I stay for... I wanna ride whenever feasible. i might paintings at a mountain in which ever i am going... Cali, Oregon , Colorado, Utah, Montana? Any recommendation or data for regions you stay? Which areas have the most mountains? Or need to I just chill on the east coast ... all my preferred mountains are in Vermont anyhow...( I’m close to such a lot of places! ) Had a awesome season over right here and that i’m seeing out west is totally high-quality and idk what I’m doing proper now.

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