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Everything posted by Burgundy

  1. Light Up Snowboards

  2. This Pretty Much Covers It

    I feel cold just looking at this!
  3. 2018 Vans Park Series trailer

  4. How does he not fall off his bike?!

    He's spinning so much, I feel dizzy just watching him Watch as the first Vans BMX Pro Cup Series stop goes down at Five Dock Skatepark in Sydney, Australia.
  5. Academic skateboarding event?

    An academic event about something cool like skateboarding? What do you think?
  6. Biggest wave surfed ever!

    This broke the world record for the biggest wave surfed. Imagine surfing an 80 foot wave (almost 25 metres!)
  7. Surfing festival!

    Faithless, Feeder and The Libertines are the headlining acts at Wheels & Fins Festival - a festival for surfing and skateboarding! https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/wheels-and-fins-festival-2018-headliners-announced
  8. Skateboarding festival!

    Faithless, Feeder and The Libertines are the headlining acts at Wheels & Fins Festival - a festival for skateboarding and surfing! https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/wheels-and-fins-festival-2018-headliners-announced
  9. Online coaching for parkour?

    What do you think about online coaching for parkour? https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/want-to-be-coached-how-to-do-parkour-online
  10. Just the standard Friday Night Selfie

    I love how casual it looks!
  11. 'Saint Denis' documentary live!

    Fancy watching it? https://www.dangeroussports.com/videos/saint-denis---full-documentary-available-to-watch-on-dangerous-sports
  12. RIP Chas Chidester

    Such sad news about Chas https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/obituary---chas-chidester
  13. Scooter rider Tommy Christiana makes it look so effortless
  14. Parkour

    Nice! Everything looks so much cooler in slow-mo.
  15. Awesome parkour/freerunning

    A lot of jawdropping tricks in this
  16. Sierra Prescott's 'Shado'

    Sierra Prescott's 'shado' is so cute in this! Some great tricks on the skateboard!

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