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  1. Female Parkour Athletes Needed For Film

    Thank you my issue has been solved..........
  2. Any tips for backflip commitment?

    Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  3. Hello everyone,, Professional producer needs two NYC-based Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail female Parkour athletes for independent film. Pay, professional film stunt credit, transportation and meals provided. Candidates must be femlale. Ideal candidates are both Asian, one about 5'-9"-ish and one about 5'3" - but all athletes of similar stats will be considered. Accomplished practitioners only. Please send links to video and headshot.
  4. Hello everyone,,, Sorry if a repost, I just found this sub. I’ve been trying to learn backflips for a little while now. I can do them but only with a spotter and I always land on my knees. I think it’s just a fear thing. Is there a way to overcome? I have a gymnastics matt.
  5. Couple of questions for y’all from a newbie

    Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  6. What do you look for from an online store?

    Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  7. Hello everyone,, I’m not a free runner or parkour athlete but I do have an interest in learning at least some skills. I have 2 questions for you today: How do you flip without becoming disoriented or blanking out? I’ve flipped on trampolines a few times (can’t say I landed them though), but every time I do it, from the moment my feet leave the ground to the moment I hit it again, it’s like a big blur and my mind goes blank. I am somewhat unaware of the motion while flipping and as such feel like I have no control over the flip itself. Do you guys know what I mean? And how do you overcome this? 2) How in the heck do freerunners jump so high and so far? Please help me out with these questions. -Sloth Thank you,....
  8. Hello everyone,, Do you guys buy bikes/bike parts online? Where do you shop from? What do you look for when buying online? Is there a pain point that could be solved? The reason I ask: Me and my friend started an online bike store. We are trying to understand our audience better. It is tough competing with Amazon but there are opportunities in terms of trying to solve problem. Thank you ,....
  9. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hope you guys like it,, Thank you...
  10. Chain Tension Adjuster on Hyper Wizard Frame

    Hope any one like this,..... Thank you.....
  11. Hello everyone,, I ride a Hyper wizard JF Frame and was looking for some recommendations on chain tension adjusters that will be compatible with my frame. (Preferably on amazon)
  12. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hello everyone,, So I have this fear of turn vaulting over big drops.There is this spot by my house and every time I try to turn vault it I freeze up. Is there any way I can get rid of this fear? I've drilled it before with no drop and I do just fine, the problem is the one with the drop is the only place I can practice at consistently. Thanks in advance

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