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  1. Someone tried to steal my scooter last night!

    my issue got solvedd!!
  2. I park my scooter outside since my building doesn't have designated motorcycle/scooter spaces and they do not want to allow people with 1 bike or scooter to have a car parking spot since we are always short on spots. So my scooter is parked outside under our neighborhood's parking with a permit. Last night I locked up the scooter and covered it like usual and when I returned this morning, my cover was completely missing and even though it's wet outside, my seat was completely dry. Plus when I started the scooter, my high beams were turned on and turning signal which I am positive I turned off last night. (I don't even use the high beams and have never turned them on while driving). I'm not sure if it was an amateur that couldn't unlock the scooter or some teenager trying to take it for a joy ride but I'm a little worried that my scooter is specifically being targeted since I don't see any other scooters parked outside my area. Only motorbikes. Any tips to prevent theft? I can't park it inside the building since I have already contacted management and they told me they don't have spaces for scooters.

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