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    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you my issue has been solved,,.....
  3. Crupi wheels

  4. Buy Laptop Bags Online

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    Hello everyone,, These days I was wondering if an idea that I had for a company would work: Basically, I wanted to create an Airbnb/Couchsurfing-like company that allows you to host people that share the same passion as you in your home while they are visiting your country's spots. This will allow you to get some income while at the same time enjoying the company of someone new to run with. What do you think? Would it work even as a guest? Thank you for your feedback
  6. Crupi wheels

    Hello everyone,, My heart wants profile hubs laced to sun envy rims, but my wallet likes the crupi rhythm pros on their website. I am building up a 20" speed wagon for a bike park with dirt jumps and pump tracks. Anyone have any opinions on the crupis? I've tried searching for reviews but can't find many.
  7. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hope you guys like it,, Thank you...
  8. Chain Tension Adjuster on Hyper Wizard Frame

    Hope any one like this,..... Thank you.....
  9. Hello everyone,, I ride a Hyper wizard JF Frame and was looking for some recommendations on chain tension adjusters that will be compatible with my frame. (Preferably on amazon)
  10. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hello everyone,, So I have this fear of turn vaulting over big drops.There is this spot by my house and every time I try to turn vault it I freeze up. Is there any way I can get rid of this fear? I've drilled it before with no drop and I do just fine, the problem is the one with the drop is the only place I can practice at consistently. Thanks in advance
  11. Pic of


    Hello, I've been wondering for a long time what kind of electric surfboard to buy. I looked at the web and offered me this one, https://awakeboards.com/. But I'm a little skeptical. I will be grateful for useful advice and opinions!
  13. Pic of

    Hello everyone,,, here are some pics of Parkour running that i liked the most,.... just let me know how i edited this pics,....
  14. Questionnaire

    Salut, ce questionnaire s'adresse aux pratiquants de sports extrêmes. Il y a un projet sur une agence de voyage spécialisée dans les sports extrêmes: 1- Imaginez que vous faites un jeu de hasard pour déterminer un sport extrême afin de partir du week-end, vous préfériez: □ tirez sur le sport en passant à la boite de papier □ tournez-vous sur une cible qui déterminera le sport comme à l'émission «la roue de la fortune» 2- Dans le cas ou vous avez choisi de tournez l'aiguille vous préféreriez: □ que l'aiguille déterminer un sport □ que l'aiguille détermine un univers (ex: eau, air, terre ...) et ensuite pouvoir choisir un sport 3- Une fois le sport déterminé vous préférez: □ choisir la destination en fonction du sport et connaître le déroulement du voyage à l'avance □ découvrir la destination quelques jours avant de partir par email et découvrir le déroulement du voyage au cours du week-end 4- Pour un weekend partiriez vous: □ à l'étranger □ en France 5- Lors du week-end préféreriez vous: □ dormir dans les hébergements insolites □ faire du camping □ autres:
  15. Light Up Snowboards

  16. This Pretty Much Covers It

    I feel cold just looking at this!
  17. 2018 Vans Park Series trailer

  18. How does he not fall off his bike?!

    He's spinning so much, I feel dizzy just watching him Watch as the first Vans BMX Pro Cup Series stop goes down at Five Dock Skatepark in Sydney, Australia.
  19. Academic skateboarding event?

    An academic event about something cool like skateboarding? What do you think?
  20. Biggest wave surfed ever!

    This broke the world record for the biggest wave surfed. Imagine surfing an 80 foot wave (almost 25 metres!)
  21. Surfing festival!

    Faithless, Feeder and The Libertines are the headlining acts at Wheels & Fins Festival - a festival for surfing and skateboarding! https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/wheels-and-fins-festival-2018-headliners-announced
  22. Skateboarding festival!

    Faithless, Feeder and The Libertines are the headlining acts at Wheels & Fins Festival - a festival for skateboarding and surfing! https://www.dangeroussports.com/news/wheels-and-fins-festival-2018-headliners-announced
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