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  2. Couple of questions for y’all from a newbie

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  4. What do you look for from an online store?

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  5. My issue has been solved !
  6. Where do all the happiest snowboarders live?

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  7. Hello everyone,, I’m not a free runner or parkour athlete but I do have an interest in learning at least some skills. I have 2 questions for you today: How do you flip without becoming disoriented or blanking out? I’ve flipped on trampolines a few times (can’t say I landed them though), but every time I do it, from the moment my feet leave the ground to the moment I hit it again, it’s like a big blur and my mind goes blank. I am somewhat unaware of the motion while flipping and as such feel like I have no control over the flip itself. Do you guys know what I mean? And how do you overcome this? 2) How in the heck do freerunners jump so high and so far? Please help me out with these questions. -Sloth Thank you,....
  8. Hello everyone,, Do you guys buy bikes/bike parts online? Where do you shop from? What do you look for when buying online? Is there a pain point that could be solved? The reason I ask: Me and my friend started an online bike store. We are trying to understand our audience better. It is tough competing with Amazon but there are opportunities in terms of trying to solve problem. Thank you ,....
  9. If I needed to wager i might say i am possibly intermediate. I journey about 5-10 days a yr in Colorado or the icy southeast US. Been riding for approximately 15 years. i'm by no means within the park, but like to play a chunk at the runs. My preferred days are spent in blue bowls, I enjoy locating some powder while i will however that can be hit or omit because of mother nature and my work schedule, but i'm additionally spending a respectable quantity of time carving around on groomers. i like a terrific project and usually sense assured on nearly any terrain. I experience a few accurate blacks as well however turn away from matters that experience like stable ice. i have caught an side too regularly and at 33 I do not get better as rapid as I as soon as did whilst taking a spill. while within the southeast (assume: North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virgina) I come upon a variety of strong ice, chew, and slush. looking for some thing that has enough go with the flow in powder, but also precise manage, and forgiving when on a number of the less than perfect conditions within the Southeast. I do not always have a emblem choice. i've been eyeing the Burton experience exact Flying V, however boards have modified lots because the closing time i was in the marketplace so i'm now not too certain if it honestly suits my wishes or if there's some thing higher out there. As a long way a boots move, i've wide feet and a completely slender heel and a reasonably high arch. i've gone thru two boots and both have induced toe ache and i nonetheless emerge as having heel slip. i would welcome any guidelines here as i've been pretty awful at selecting them this some distance. currently trip a 2007 Nitro Black Widow Raiden bindings 2006/2007? Burton Emerald boots 2006
  10. I’ll try to explain myself to the high-quality of my capacity .... so here i am (26f ) from upstate big apple...I’m not the brightest...no set profession, no family holding me back. i am in a location that is clearly significant to many mountains 1-4 hours I may be at any of them over right here .... even though I’ve in no way been out west I understand i might fall in love...so I bet what I’m seeking to ask is wherein outdoor of the east coast is a exquisite location to land..... I’m figuring if I want out, I wanna do it within three years ...winters one of the few things I stay for... I wanna ride whenever feasible. i might paintings at a mountain in which ever i am going... Cali, Oregon , Colorado, Utah, Montana? Any recommendation or data for regions you stay? Which areas have the most mountains? Or need to I just chill on the east coast ... all my preferred mountains are in Vermont anyhow...( I’m close to such a lot of places! ) Had a awesome season over right here and that i’m seeing out west is totally high-quality and idk what I’m doing proper now.
  11. So I bought a liftboard...

  12. So I bought a liftboard...

    I bought a liftboard for ~one hundred sixty on ebay from some import enterprise. i was going to construct my own board however searching at the lift board made me realise, even if it is an unpopular board with issues, i can upgrade out of these problems. I ordered the single motor one and although it is not right here yet, and wont be for some days, im already planning out improvements. Im thinking about upgrading the esc to a vesc subsequent paycheck, then letting some thing breaks destroy and replace it with higher high-quality parts. So my question right here is am i being stupid or is this plan of "if it ain't broke dont restore it" going to work? I assume it will be a pretty regular upgrade path as i am expecting matters to fail, simply not unexpectedly. What different matters must I take into account upgrading asap? All recommendation is welcome. i am definitely right with electronics and experience relaxed soldering, even would possibly see if i cannot upload cells to the battery eventually...
  13. Can't do a cartwheel, but want to!

    my issue has been solved!!
  14. Teaching little girls how to cartwheel.!

    my issue has been solved!
  15. One time I slept at a friend's house after a party. This guy says "hey let's watch YouTube videos. How about little kids hurting themselves or falling over?" We all kinda looked at him like he was a psychopath. Turns on the video as we all start laughing hysterically and says aww. Still feel like a bad person.
  16. Can't do a cartwheel, but want to!

    'm 34, about 215, but reasonably strong and getting leaner. I have some kind of mental barrier to inversions: I know I'm strong enough to do a handstand and a cartwheel, but for some reason I just. Can't. Do. It. Can you help me? What resources are there for freestanding handstand and cartwheel progressions that I can use to accomplish both of these within, say, a month? Is that possible? Thanks for any insight ʘ‿ʘ
  17. Cartwheel side flip [FR]

    my issue has been solved!
  18. Cartwheel side flip [FR]

    IT is a judgement free zone for any traceurs to discuss all those questions you may have about shoes, how to start, where to find spots, technique help, or general discussion about parkour. Upvote every question and offer your experience and advice, and we are all friendly here. Safety, gear, techniques, training, injury - it's all fair game for questions here! Have at it and feel free to continue posting here throughout the week.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you my issue has been solved,,.....
  20. Crupi wheels

  21. Buy Laptop Bags Online

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    Hello everyone,, These days I was wondering if an idea that I had for a company would work: Basically, I wanted to create an Airbnb/Couchsurfing-like company that allows you to host people that share the same passion as you in your home while they are visiting your country's spots. This will allow you to get some income while at the same time enjoying the company of someone new to run with. What do you think? Would it work even as a guest? Thank you for your feedback
  23. Crupi wheels

    Hello everyone,, My heart wants profile hubs laced to sun envy rims, but my wallet likes the crupi rhythm pros on their website. I am building up a 20" speed wagon for a bike park with dirt jumps and pump tracks. Anyone have any opinions on the crupis? I've tried searching for reviews but can't find many.
  24. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hope you guys like it,, Thank you...
  25. Chain Tension Adjuster on Hyper Wizard Frame

    Hope any one like this,..... Thank you.....
  26. Hello everyone,, I ride a Hyper wizard JF Frame and was looking for some recommendations on chain tension adjusters that will be compatible with my frame. (Preferably on amazon)
  27. Turn Vaults Over Drops

    Hello everyone,, So I have this fear of turn vaulting over big drops.There is this spot by my house and every time I try to turn vault it I freeze up. Is there any way I can get rid of this fear? I've drilled it before with no drop and I do just fine, the problem is the one with the drop is the only place I can practice at consistently. Thanks in advance
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